Monday, November 10, 2008

Behave.... so your children do too!

     My blogophobic child.  And, no she is not 235.  Her extremely organized mother didn't have a 1 and a 0.  So, don't laugh!  We made due!  2+3+5=10.  I actually thought it was ingenious.  

     A long time ago, I read a book by Tony Campolo called Who Switched the Price Tags.  In his book, he relays a story told by Gilda Radner.  This story has always stuck with me.... and made me laugh

     When I was little, Dibby's cousin had a dog, just a mutt, and the dog was pregnant.  She was due to have her puppies in about a week. She was out in the yard one day and got in the way of the lawn mower, and her two hind legs got cut off. They rushed her to the vet and he said, "I can sew her up, or you can put her to sleep if you want, but the puppies are okay. She'll be able to deliver the puppies."

     Dibby's cousin said, "Keep her alive."

     So the vet sewed up her backside and over the next week the dog learned to walk. She didn't spend any time worrying, she just learned to walk by taking two steps in the front and flipping up her backside, and then taking two steps in front and flipping up her backside again. She gave birth to six little puppies, all in perfect health. She nursed them and then weaned them. And when they learned to walk, they all walked like her.

     I love that story!!  Although, I confess that at times it has done little to change the way that I parent.  Sometimes I hear my voice, complete with tone and all, screeching out of the mouths of one of my little ones.  I cringe when that happens.

     But, every once in awhile they pick up something I say that sounds really funny coming out of their mouths (all clean, don't worry!)  Or sometimes they pick up something family said or a friend said and use it months later... it the right context and that's even funnier.

     I was listening to Shelby the other day.  She had written a story for one of her assignments.  She wasn't reading it to anyone in particular, but she was reading it loud enough for the entire block to hear her.  If you know Shelby, this is not a surprise.  (Poor thing is being mentioned in the blog again.)

     When I heard the name of the character in her book, I doubled over in laughter.

     Her story went like this:

     "And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, I will announce the rules for the contest", said Mr. Lemonjello.  (Please read the name quickly and it won't sound like it is spelled.)

     Now the reason this is so funny is because this summer we went to visit Greenville, South Carolina.  We were visiting friends. And,  since we were also at the home of B*b Jones University, we decided to pay a visit and introduce the kids to Paul's alma mater.  

     If you are not familiar with B*b Jones University, allow me to explain.  This  well- intentioned university values uniformity at the expense of religious freedom and image over substance. They have many rules and are very strict about implementing them.  Despite this, they are a university that strives for excellence and they provide an education of the highest quality.  I was able to appreciate the school this summer having sat through a presentation about all the school has to offer.

     Growing up, I had heard of this school.  I heard they had  pink and blue sidewalks all over campus in order to maintain a healthy distance between boys and girls.  While this is not true, these rules are true:

       -quiet hour in the dorms in strictly enforced between the 7-10 pm.  Lights out at 11 pm.
      - dating was to take place in the dating parlor
       - dating off campus is only allowed in groups of 3 or 5 or 7 etc...
      - drinking, smoking etc... is cause for expulsion
     These rules are well- intentioned.  As a matter of fact, every year I get under my belt makes them sound better and better as I think about my own going off to college one day.  The downside- they make being a Christian sound like a bunch of rules.

     Anyway, I think the students at this university enjoyed getting away with "things".  It also seems they never grow out of it.

     So, this summer when we wanted to enter the campus at night with our friends, we had to stop at a little guard station and give our last name before we were allowed in.  (Why?  Why ask the last name?  What name could possibly be given to not allow one past that gate?  Bin Laden!) (Can you see why students at the school would want to try to get by with things?)

     When we pulled up to the guard, she asked our last name.  Our friend who was driving said, "Lemonjello."

     The girl said, "Excuse me." 

     Again, our friend said, "Lemonjello."

     With a little smile on her face, she let us pass through the gate.  Then, we (4 adults and 5 children) all burst into laughter.

     To hear  her use that name again... months later is a loud reminder that my children model what I do and they model things from people we hang out with.

1 Corinthians 15:33
Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."

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Gina said...

"If you do that again mom, I'm going to punch you in the face."

That's all I have to say about it really... =)