Thursday, March 27, 2008

********UPDATE ON MYLEI******

Nope not her!!  Just some random baby to catch your attention
 I still can't show you  a picture....until I get pre-approval (PA).  

(I can tell you this,  the Chinese are "slower than smoke off poop".  That is a quote my mom used to to say, only she didn't say poop.) (That was for you Jennifer!)

 How long does it take to send over a paper that says we are pre-approved??  Aren't we pre-approved anyway?   They have our life story over there- birth certificates, marriage certificate, doctors notes, child abuse reports, fingerprints, and a book about our life story.  And, all those things are notorized, county certified, state sealed, and Chinese authenticated.  Geesh!!

Anyway, I got an update from our agency today saying that Mylei is in foster care.  Her foster brother and foster sister-in-law (not sure why the brother and sister-in-law term... sounds kinda sketchy if you ask me) love her very much and they wanted to adopt her.  However, they can not take care of her financially and want her to have a loving family.  She will be returning to the orphanage so she can begin to prepare for her own forever family.

I received this news with very mixed emotions.  It breaks my heart she will leave the only 'mom and dad' she has every known to go back to an orphanage and wait for us.  That will be so confusing for her.  Also, she will go through a grieving process.  So sad!!  But, it also made me happy because it is much better to be in foster care than to be in an orphanage, for many, many reasons.  Physically, they tend to be in better shape.  Emotionally, there is always the risk of attachment issues with children in orphanages, foster care greatly reduces this.  I was secretly hoping she was in foster care!

I was also told that I could expect photos and updates in a week.  I want that, but I also want a stinkin' PA!

So pray for poor little Mylei!!  And, pray that they will get off their duffs and get the paperwork done!

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Tony and Rett said...

That's not her? Oh darn...she's super cute. Hmmm, whoever's baby that is, well, that's one lucky mama!

I'm SO excited to be following your journey! I'm also honored to be one of the people praying for you and your family along the way!!!

I'm sad we didn't get to travel together, but to see God's plan unfold is amazing!

Congrats to you all! Get ready, China will change you in more ways than you'll ever imagine!