Saturday, November 8, 2008


     Some Halloween pictures... better late than never, huh?  FYI.... My girls either look like they've gone to the dark side or they are gearing up for walking the streets (and not for candy).  Neither is true.  Shelby's a rocker girl and Gracie is a spider fairy.  Jackson is a Power Ranger minus the mask.  The skeleton from Pirates of the Caribbean is our friend, Justin.  

     I hate this picture of that skeleton standing in the background.  Doesn't it give you the creeps?

     Blogophobia will be added to the list of phobias.  

     I think it will read something like this:

     Blogophobia- the fear of being mentioned in a blog post.

     I read a long list of phobia's.  I think there should also be a phobia about reading phobia list.  Geesh!  Who knew there were so many??  I was getting stressed out just reading them all.  As I was reading all the phobias, I started wondering, "What if I get one of these phobias?"  What if I start being afraid of the left side of my body or the color yellow or wooden objects?"  And, then I read this one:

Phobophobia- the fear of phobias

     I think I have this one!  I hate that list. 

 There were some worth mentioning.  I apologize in advance if you have one of these phobias:

Bolshephobia- Fear of Bolsheviks WHAT IN THE WORLD???!

Chorophobia- Fear of dancing-  I may have this one!  I am afraid I look like one of the Peanuts characters when I dance.  I just feel really silly.

Cibophobia- Fear of food- I wish I had this one.

Dextrophobia- Fear of objects at the right side of the body- Does this poor person look like a dog chasing it's tail trying to get away from the right side of their own body?  

That's horrible!  Oh, Lord, don't strike me with a phobia for making fun of phobias.  Forgive me!

Dishabiliophobia- Fear of undressing in front of someone- Who doesn't have this fear?

Dutchphobia- Fear of the Dutch - I think it's probably more like a fear of those ugly wooden shoes.

Ephebiphobia- Fear of teenagers- I think I'll have this one in a few years.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia- Fear of long words- How fair is this one? The poor people who have the fear of long words goes to look up a word for this fear and then they get scared to death looking at the word!

Koniophobia- Fear of dust. (Amathophobia) I definitely do not have this fear. Dust is my friend. And, it's a good thing or I'd have to stay out of my own house!

Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia- Fear of eyes- How do you ever talk to someone?

Eladophobia- Fear of bald people- What if I had this one?  I'd have to get a divorce or make him get some hair plugs.

Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers-  COME ON!!

Walloonphobia- Fear of the Walloons- I looked it up.  Too boring to even tell you about it.

Zemmiphobia- Fear of the great mole rat- What about just a regular mole rat? What is the great mole rat?

     I was very perplexed that there could be a phobia about a great mole rat.  So, I did a little research.  I could not believe that I found an entire site dedicated to helping people overcome this fear.  The good news is:  immediate help is available.
     But, let me ask you?  Have you even ever seen at mole rat?  I am pretty sure they are naked, blind and live underground.  So, how on earth do you develop a fear that is so intense that there is a treatment program readily available for it?

     Yes, I do think it's funny.  But, coming from someone who has struggled with anxiety and many fears of her own, I am really sad for those so afraid of this harmless and very ugly creature.

Enough of that....


     My daughter has blogophobia.

    Poor thing!  She lives in constant fear that something she says is going to make it onto this blog. She obviously doesn't know that the more she protests, the more I want to put things on.  I am kinda mean like that.

     We were reading some science the other day and it went something like this:

     There are many different species.....

     She read species as spices.  So, when she said spices, I said, "Or species."

     She laughed.  Then she started reading again.  She read about 2 more words and then she stopped and looked at me with fear in her eyes, "You're not gonna put that on your blog, are you?"

     Then, when we were trick or treating, as we were walking she said, "When I get married, I want to have twins and name them Noreen and Doreen."

     So, I started laughing.  By the way, for better or for worse, I have a difficult time hiding my emotions.

    She said, "What?"

    Then, she stopped dead in her tracks and said, "You're not going to put that on your blog, are you?"

   Tonight, the same daughter started her own blog... more on that later.  I wanted to read it to Paul so she handed me the computer and then went up to get ready for bed.  As she was walking up the stairs, she stopped and turned around and said, "Are you going to write about that on your blog?"
     If she only knew, poor kid!

     So while blogophobia may not be an official phobia, I am afraid my daughter may be the one to add it to the list.

**********Emme Update***********Emme Update***********Emme Update***************

     Emme is doing better since implementing the new eating plan.  We also switched her to soy formula.  I can still hear the gurgling sometimes and she still coughs and gags occasionally.  She has spit up two times, I think.  She is also sleeping better, but still getting up to eat.  I remembered when the other 3 were really little I was reading a book about getting kids to sleep.  The book said sleep begats sleep.  So, I have started giving her two naps a day and she sleeps much better on the nights she has two naps during the day.  One would think the opposite to be true... keep them awake and wear them out and they'll sleep better.  NOPE!   With kids, logic does not always work.
     One other note about the eating.... I think it's just going to take time.  I have never seen anyone in my life choke and gag on a very soupy mixture of white rice, coconut milk and sugar.  Even though she liked it, I quit feeding it to her.  I was sure I was going to have to perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a single piece of rice!  Good night!


Sharla said...

I needed a good laugh! Thank you friend...since of course you wrote that just for me!

You need to write a book on would be hysterical, I would buy a ton of them...I love your take on things!

Your kids are not alone...mine are experiencing 'blogophobia' too... I constantly get, "Are you going to write about that?" Or, "You just want my picture to put on the blog!"

Maybe our kids need to form a support group of some sort!

Blogophobics Anonymous!
" name is ...... and I'm a blogophobe."

Please know, I am not poking fun at any other very worthwhile organizations that I have the utmost respect for...just having a little fun is all.

Thanks again for the smile and the laughter!

Gina said...

I think Anthony has blogophobia. Only his is the fear that Mommy will spend all day reading blogs and totally neglect him. Whenever he sees the computer come out he's thinking "OH NO! NOT THE BLOGS!!"

You know, lots of babies Emme's age still take 2 naps. I totally didn't think of that. I wish Anthony would still take 2. I was so sad when he went to 1.

Maybe Emme has sleepophobia.

Gina said...

p.s. I forgot to say that I'm glad you told us what the girls were for Halloween. I might have guessed something else had I not been informed...

darja said...

i want to try the sleep begets sleep thing too! i wonder if i can get a doctors note to miss work...hmm....

Abby said...

Seriously, I was starting to worry that you were condoning "hookers" as an option for Halloween costumes, but I was quickly relieved to find out that Gracie was only the super normal, extremely popular spider fairy.(FOR REAL?) Who knew?
Glad to hear little Emme, who clearly has recovered from her "Nolan take downs" since we were there, is doing so much better. If only there was something called the passmyfatphobia...the fear of wanting SO BADLY to give some of my fat to your daughter. IF ONLY.

Bayliss72 said...

Love the pics...

Have your girls by chance seen Hairspray? There's a Noreen and Doreen as minor characters on the tv show the kids start