Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Sweet Lil' Emme Girl

Little Emme is one today!! We think she's getting a great birthday present too.. our family!! And, how fun is it that her birthay is the day after mine?? Or is it???

I'll admit it. I am not always the sharpest tool in the tool box. My brothers used to tell jokes or say things around their friends that I just didn't get. On more than one occassion, I'd see them lean in to their friends and whisper, "She's really blond."

My father-in-reminded me yesterday China is 12 hours ahead of us. There's a real possibility that, on USA time, she WAS born on my birthday. So, what would you do?? Give her her own birthday or should we have the same birthday? I know some of you have never left a comment... so now is your chance. I've asked your opinion.

I really, really wanted to have Emme before her first birthday. It didn't happen so I'll just keep trusting that God's timing is best. And, it is my prayer that she would never spend another birthday without her family.



Greg & Cheri said...

I think you should share the same birthday! Our adopted daughter from china and I share the same birthday and it is so special. It always puts a big smile on her face when I tell her she was born on my birthday and that is one of the reason I knew she was mine.

Jeremy & Jeni said...

I went in to have Cara on my birthday, but hoped she would have her own. My birthday is the 2nd and she was born in the early morning of the 3rd. I still tell her she was my birthday present, but just thought she might like to have a day all to herself.

It may be special though for Emme to have your birthday. Something for you both to share!

Rachael said...

From a parent who already shares their birthday with their child, I suggest you allow her to have her own. I feel terrible every time someone acknowledges my birthday because I feel as if it takes away from Nick's special day. Plus after spending the day making sure your child gets all the attention in the deep deep darkness inside yourself you secretly think hey, I didn't get any attention on MY birthday. :) I love the fact he was born on my birthday and wouldn't change it for the world. Best birthday present EVER. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if my husband didn't share the same day. A tad over kill with all three of us. :)

Justin said...

I'd let her have her own...but what I do I know, we don't have kids...yet! :) Glad you are getting her soon!

Anonymous said...

I'd let her have her own and let her keep the original date that was given to her in China. She'll keep so litte. As she gets older, the little things will be so important.

Tony and Rett said...

I think you should share a birthday! I share a birthday with my dad and it has been very special. Now, mind you, he says it took 18 years to have his own birthday again since I always got all the attention. Ha!

Seriously though, it has always been a special connection I have had with my dad, and one you'll share with Emme. Either way, you'll be partying up August every year! Fun!

Shelley said...

Found your blog today from RQ. I've enjoyed reading about the steps leading up to Emme's adoption and can't wait to follow along as you travel.

Lucky Mama said...

Share for sure!! My sister and I have birthdays four days apart and we always shared. I felt like it was something extra special to have a party together.

Anonymous said...

I would keep the date that was given to her in China. Like someone else pointed out, everything is stripped from her. Except her birthday. Although her birthday in the US would be a day before, she was still born on August 30. Besides, she could've been born in the morning making her birthday the same day no matter where she was. So yes, I would keep that as her day and just enjoy having your big days a day apart! That's still special!