Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I know one shouldn't really wish themselves a happy birthday. But, hey... how many people do you know that get to go to China for their birthday?? And, then, in China, that same lucky person gets handed a beautiful baby girl all wrapped up on a pink bow. Well, alright... maybe not the pink bow. The Chinese aren't much into fashion. Have you seen the outfits those babies come in? Wow! is about all one can say about that!!

I'm gonna go have a great day!!

P. S. My husband and oldest daughter are on a government field trip. They are going to watch John McCain announce his running And guess what... IT'S HIS BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!


Jeremy & Jeni said...

Hi April,
Happy Birthday!! I am so excited that you will have your sweet girl home soon. You'll post updates quickly, won't you???


Sharla said...

Hi Friend,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Just a few more days till you have the most wonderful birthday present in your arms... Wish we could go have a cup of coffee and celebrate!


Tony and Rett said...

It's perfectly acceptable to wish yourself a happy birthday! But I'll do it too, just in case...


WHOO HOO, China, here she comes!

theweaver said...

Happy Birthday! We were there at the Nutter Center, too. I wonder why we didn't see Paul & Shelby?!? Hmmm... Anways, happy birthday!