Monday, September 8, 2008

Emme Day!!!


     Paul was up this morning at 2 am.  I was up at 3.  We left the hotel at 5:40.  Our flight left at 7:40.

     We arrived in Nanning at 11:09.  We meet our guide Cindy... who is as cute as she can be, by the way.  She told us we would to get our little girl at 3:30.
     She and our driver dropped us off at the hotel.  We exchanged some money and ate lunch.  The hotel has 3 restaurants and told us one of them had Western food.  So, of course we went there.  Yea!   They had a hamburger and french fries, so we both ordered that.  
     It was all I could do to choke down half of the hamburger.  They may serve Western food but they have no idea how to cook it.  The hamburger was mushy.  I am pretty sure they boiled it!  YUCK!
     We still had an hour before we left so Paul read about OSU football and I started a new book.  
     Finally, it was time to go.  We were to go to a hotel a bit down the road and the children would come there.  (Even though we were not with a group, everyone adopting had the same appointment time.)
     I met up with a girl and her husband who I had talked to online.  Then, other families started arriving.  I saw one baby but we had to wait to be called.
     We didn't wait long because we were called first.  The orphanage director brought her in.  Neither Paul or I cried because when the director came walking in, I said, "Is that her???"
     I can't even begin to describe how little she is.  She's lucky if she weighs 12 lbs.  Honestly, she looks like one of those babies you see on tv... like the Feed The Children program.  I am not trying to be funny.  Really, it's a bit stressful.  I am afraid I am going to hurt her.
     They told me to give her water before I give her a bottle.  I am afraid that's the problem.  Any advise?  Don't you think she'd get filled up on the water and then not want to formula??
     She won't take a bottle from us yet.  This does not surprise me- part of the adjustment.

     I should tell you the positive things... I am just completely in awe of how tiny she is.  
    She is beautiful!  Just gorgeous!  She didn't cry at all when they gave her to us.  As a matter of fact, she laughed, smiled, talked and played.  When we got back to the hotel, of course I tried to feed her first.  But, then she just played and played and played.  
    Then, all of a sudden, she looked around.  Her lip puckered and she wailed for the next 15 minutes.  So sad!
    SHe cried herself to sleep.  She has had lots of changes.  She had to go back to the orphanage (about 1 week ago) after leaving her foster mom.  Then, she was in the car for 3 1/2 hours to get here.
     She is still sleeping now.  I am not sure how long I should let her sleep.  We'll never get to bed tonight:-)  This is what I asked for!  I am ok with it!  We have her!!!


Sharla said...

Oh April,

She is just beautiful! When I finally went to bed at midnight, I was wondering what time you'd meet her... I couldn't wait till the kids got on the bus so I could run to my computer! I can't wait to read more and see what happens over the next days...

God is good!


Liz said...

APRIL!! I'm so excited for you- I happened to check this morning while the boys getting ready for school just to see if you had written anything yet about the "gotcha day!" Sure enough!! I was so excited! Aidan was standing her next to me and said, "She's cute!"

Have a wonderful day with her - and I would say... no water... just formula! :-)

Love you!

gnangle04 said...

April, she is sooooo beautiful!! It brings tears to my eyes. So tiny though..... maybe that is the problem, is she's given water and not formula first. Or maybe she too, doesn't like the horrid smell or the taste of food there. Just get her back here and "fatten" her up.
I'm relieved you have her.
Hope you get sleep.
Love you,

Rachael said...

Oh April, she is GORGEOUS! I cried when I saw the pictures.. I know I have seen photos of her before but seeing these pictures of her in YOUR arms makes me overwhelmed with joy.

So glad the day has finally come for you all to hold and kiss her. What a sweet smile she has. I cannot wait to hold her myself.

We love you guys and are sending so many prayers your way. Try to rest when you can...sleep when she sleeps. :)
Love you all,

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

I cannot believe how tiny she is! But so cute! How good it must feel for you to finally have her in your arms.

Forget the water! I don't understand the point of giving her water first. There is no nutritional value in that.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

Paul & come the tears...again! I'm overwhelmed with emotion seeing you both hold her...FINALLY! She's a little peanut, I don't thing she's gained an ounce since her pics, poor little thing, she has been filling up on water. I'm sure they had good intention, can't think of why though, some ancient Chinese secret on how to treat reflux??
If she's acting funny about the formula taste, then you *could* water it down with maybe an extra ounce of water, but she's just gonna have to get use to it. Does she eat soft finger foods? Shoot looks like she just needs to get some fat in her, give her s stick of butter to go at! :)

Jeremy & Jeni said...

Hi April,

She is precious!! So incredibly cute!
Maybe when you get home she can get started on pediasure?? I think I would scratch the water too! That is strange.
Can't wait to meet her!!

Love, Jeni

Tony and Rett said...

God is good!

She is quite the gorgeous little peanut! You'll fatten her up in NO time! Just love on her, love on her, love on her!

We're still praying for you!

Congratulations Mama and Baba!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Congratulations! What an adorable peanut! Even though she is tiny, she looks healthy!

stephi6watkins said...

Paul and April- She is soooo beautiful!! Yes I have tears as well. I am sooo thankful that she is in your arms and God so had a plan for Mylei and Emme all along. Thank you for adding her to our family, I can't wait to meet her too!!
I say water down the formula a bit and get her used to that and then slowing increase the formula. You will do just fine- you are already a mom- trust your instincts.
I love you all very much!! Your favorite Cousin :) Steph

Abby said...

Ah, I love her already! She's so stinking cute. I say give the poor thing some formula and at least 10 Butterfingers!! I'm so glad you finally have her in your arms.
Love, Abby Palmer

Abby said...

Ah! She's so stinking cute! I love her already. I say give her the formula and at least 10 Butterfingers. I'm so glad you finally have her in your arms!
Abby Palmer

Norma said...

My heart goes out to you!! She can do nothing but thrive given how loved she is. Nothing that lots of good nutrition can't fix hopefully. It will take some time. I am happy she is so joyful. That has to be a good sign. We will keep you in our prayers.

Susan said...

How sweet!! I am so happy for you guys!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mom and Dad! I love you Emme! I made a heart in school today. See you soon! Love, Jackson

Donna Brandabur said...

Dear Paul and April,

Being the computer dummy that I am, I just figured out how to respond to your blog. I have being thinking of you both and praying for you.

I had the strangest thing happen last night. I dreamed about you and the baby all night long. I literally felt like I was involved in some king of spiritual battle on your behalf, while I slept. I don't even know if that is scriptural or what it means, especially given that we are 12 hrs. behind you.

The only thing I can come up with is that God does know our every struggle and circumstance and will cause us to be aware of each other, even if it is in our sleep. How awesome is that!

She is so cute! Even-though it will be an adjustment period for all of you, if God has taken you this far, He will surly equip you for the task. I know one thing for sure, Her life will be filled with laughter and joy, being a part of your household.

God Bless,
Donna Brandabur

Harry and Robin said...

Hey guys -

We are so excited to see your beautiful new daughter! That first week can be very stressful but it sounds like you are off to a great start.

Then only reason I can think that to give water first is if she has problems with constipation. I haven't heard of it before in China. I would just keep the calories flowing as much as possible. Our Lyra was less than 19 lbs at 2 years old - she seemed fragile, too, but soon started to gain. Good luck!


Rebecca said...

That baby girl is so beautiful and lucky! She'll be home and eating everything in sight before you know it. Katie and Grace have a "love basket" waiting for her. Can't wait to meet her.

catbertie said...

I've been following your blog.....when we received our 2nd daughter she was 13 months old and weighed only 12 pounds. You will not break her!!! Though the water might be a factor, she may just be small. Our little Penny is 2.5 now and still weighs 24 pounds only wet. But, she is as healthy as can be!!!!
(found you thru RQ)

The Gang's All Here! said...

First, she is precious! Omygoodness. Tiny yes, but adorable and those eyes? Those eyes! Congratulations! It's been quite the journey following you guys and I'm so glad for you. So glad.

Second, Jackson's note totally made me cry. Big ole' sappy tears!

debbie sauer said...

She is adorable! Congratulations. Looks like she needs some good formula. When we got Gracie, we put a little rice cereal in the bottle also. The Chinese formula doesn't have as many nutrients in it as ours does. Gracie wouldn't eat much the first day either, but did fine the next day. They seem to like their bottles hot! She will gain weight and really change with all y our love and attention. Debbie

Mommy said...

She's beautiful! I say give her the formula and perhaps add a little juice/water combination in between if she is having tummy issues. Maybe they were encouraging water first if she was having issues with constipation? Just a thought but I agree with you. I think she needs the nutrition far more than the water. Again, she's a beauty!

Anonymous said...

april! she looks sooo happy to be with you! your mom called me today to tell me you had pictures up and to make sure i looked at them as soon as i got home :)
can't wait to see you guys and emme! :)

ps. i didn't realize today was trash day till i got home from work, so i didn't take the trash down. sorry! but the good news is your bushes are still alive!


Sherri & Todd said...

She is just so very tiny and beautiful. I bet that is the problem - she's getting water and nothing else. Feed her Mommy!!

Jeremy & Jeni said...

I can't wait for more pictures. She is so sweet!


Debbie Sauer said...

She is precious! Congratulations. When we got Gracie, she wouldn't eat the first day either. The next day was much better, they like their formula HOT!! We added a little bit of rice cereal to the bottle also. Our formula in the USA is more nutritious, so when you switch her she will gain more weight. Just feed her as much and as often as she wants to eat. Her poor little tummy needs to get used to having more food. Debbie

Anonymous said...

Oh my... I saw the pics pop up and tears formed... she's gorgeous... you guys are so blessed and look just like proud parents. Congratulations!

I'll be praying for you during the night (which will probably be too late, but hopefully your night went well...)

She's so precious... congrats again.

Anonymous said...

Oh... and I would say to heck with the water... if it's for constipation I'd give her a 1/2 juice & 1/2 water (my ped recommended that a few months ago) plus that way she'll still get a few calories from the mix...

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Congratulations! She is a tiny beauty. You have lots of great words of wisdom from friends for feeding. Our Emmi was 24mos and 20lbs. For the first coupleof days she took mostly a bottle of formula and sweet ceareal, but she soon began to gorge or everything and we let her. Today, 18ms. later, she is healthy and happy. Hope to meet your little one when you get home.

Cindi said...

Oh, she is so beautiful and yes, SO TINY!

My heart is almost bursting for you! God's blessings and wisdom in these next days as your sweet girl goes through yet another adjustment. This time, though, the one that will bring her incomprehensible happiness and more love than seems possible. She may just not know it yet. :-)