Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Emme is officially ours!

That's a funny face she likes to make... not a cry!
This picture was taken right after we got back to the hotel with her.  Her little dress was actually cute.
The whale was giving her kisses.
We see lots of smiles!
This is what we did all day, laid in bed and talked and played with her!
Waiting for camera flash... she likes the camera.
Paul feeding Emme her bottle and having her listen to worship music.
We keep trying to show everyone how small she is, but in the pictures, she always looks normal.  Paul's hand is bigger than her head.
Scrawny legs!
Listening to worship music.

     Emme had a bit of a rough night last night. We had to wake her up because a family photo had to be taken by 8 pm. We had to put a cold rag on her eyes and everything to get her to open them. As if the poor thing hadn't been through enough already! After the trauma, she settled down and laid between the two of us. We all three drifted off to sleep.
     She woke up sometime during the night and I feed her a bottle. I don't think she was really ever awake for the feeding, so putting her back down was not an issue. She woke at 6 am. So, she slept about 10 hours last night.
     Weeks before we left for China, Paul kept telling me that Emme was going to like him more. He even claimed to have had a dream about it. Well, it's true. If he is out of her sight, she starts crying like there's no tomorrow! I am ok with it! We had a very wise woman, who has adopted 8 children, tell us that that would likely happen. She likes me... just not like she likes him.
     This morning we went to breakfast at the hotel as it was included in our cost. When we walked in, there were 3 large areas of food set out. Very quickly, we learned that we would not be eating much off of that very large spread of food. When you come across, sauteed pigs feet bloody with leaks (yes, that was the exact wording!), it kinda ruins your appetite. We had fruit and a muffin. But, Emme girl ate like a champ. She had rice congee, lots of pineapple and some watermelon. Today, she has taken a couple of bottles and she has eaten everything we have given her. Gerber fruit puffs, banana, apple juice, and even a bit of pizza!
     It is really sad, but honestly, I think she was starving. She needs newborn diapers. 3-6 month clothing does not even fit her. Even the adoption officials were blown away by how small she is.
We received lots of pictures of her when she was younger and she was really chubby... at least her face. We also found out that she had two different foster moms. I am not sure what happened nutritionally. Emotionally, she's very happy. Maybe the foster mom was too poor to feed her properly. Who knows??!! I am thankful for the care she received. I am really thankful that she's mine and I have her now. I am constantly trying to shove food down her:-)
     Anyway, after breakfast, we went to do paperwork and appear before adoption officials. They asked us why we wanted to adopt from China. They asked if we were happy with her. They even mentioned her being really small and needing extra care. We had to promise we would never abandon her or harm her. As if we would go through all we have been through to abandon her or harm her! Guess they have to asked.
     After the official stuff, we went to the Chinese Walmart Supercenter. Emme was so excited to go shopping that she slept the whole time. I had to get her some socks because her skin is transparent and I am afraid that at any moment she is going to freeze to death in 90+ degree weather. (That may be a little dramatic. I worry about her in the air conditioning.) We also bought her some rice cereal. Then we bought some food rations so we don't starve to death. Fruit, Pb&J, chinese noodles (that's our idea of Chinese food!)
     Next stop- PIZZA HUT! After no dinner and a very small breakfast, we needed something that tasted like home. I normally hate Pizza Hut, but this was like manna from heaven.
Dinner tonight- McDonalds. I met a lady online (Mary) and we got our girls at the same time. Her little girl is Mahlia and she is beautiful. I think we both need to talk to another American around some American food. Mary's birthday was yesterday... great birthday gift, huh? So we are going to celebrate with some cake too. I am a bit leery about this cake eating. Here's why... The Chinese are having a big holiday Monday. It is the Moon Festival. So, everyone is buying these mooncakes. Our little guide, Cindy, said we needed to try some. So, she was helping us pick some out. I would hold up package and ask her what was inside (because there is something inside all of them). I held up the green one and she said, "Green beans.'' I held up the blue one and she said, "Seafood." SERIOUSLY, can you see why we would have trouble eating here??? I think I settled for one with red sugar and one with strawberries.
     A few more things about Emme... She sits and plays and plays and plays- with ANYTHING. Toys, paper, books, the remote control. She laughs. We have been sitting by her all day in this hotel room playing with her. She finally got to the point where she let me cuddle her and love on her and she even reached for me. Yesterday, when I would go to reach for her, she would shake her head 'No'. She can sit very well by herself. However, she doesn't do well on her tummy and she is not the greatest turning over off her back (This may be because we have her on the bed. Who wants to lay her on the hotel room floor?) She most definitely can not crawl and I am not convinced that she can go from laying to sitting or from sitting to standing.
     She is doing great though! We are in love with her. She is a very precious gift from God. We are certain he matched us with THIS little girl.
     You know, we fought and screamed when we didn't get the other little girl. It was very difficult. Emme has fought and screamed (not much, but some) because she has been taken from the known into the unknown. However, in both cases, God was and is working. He knows us better than we know ourselves and he can see the big picture. I need to learn to trust him more.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.


Sharla said...

Ok April,

Now it's my turn to 'stalk' you! I must have checked your website a hundred times to see if you had posted again and now, the minute the kids are off on the bus, I'm back again!

I can't get over how beautiful she is...and so tiny! I think I may be following Mary's journey that is with you over on adoption websites...it's funny, I was reading about her gotcha day and thought, "I wonder if she'll meet April in Guangzhou?"

I love your thoughts at the end of your post...He really does have the most AMAZING plans!

Still praying,

Rachael said...

I CANNOT STOP LOOKING AT HER!!! I get up every morning and dash to the computer to see if you have posted new photos. :) I is soooo good to see that precious little girl smile. Glad to hear she is eating too. What a relief. Plus when you get her home and start cooking all your home made meals she will fatten up in no time. :)

Still praying and thinking of you constantly.

Jeremy & Jeni said...

She is so precious. I was so excited to come check the computer to see more pictures.


gnangle04 said...

You know, it's so good that she is eating everyting in sight. It's not that she has an eating disorder... she obviously wasn't fed enough. Poor thing. And the fact that she plays all the time, with anything... she is going to be the happiest girl in the world when she gets to your kids!!

I love all the pics. She's beautiful.

Love you guys.

Donna Brandabur said...

It is so fun to follow your story. It is ultimately like following our own story with God. That He, like you with Emme, pursued us, bought us, loved us, provided for us, and continually delights in us. Thank you so much for allowing us to be reminded of all of this through the story of Emme.

I can't wait to meet her.

Love, Donna

Tony and Rett said...


She is just precious. An absolute doll. She is so lucky to have you and Paul as parents! And you're right, God DID match you! Both she and Paul have matching haircuts! HA!

You make me cry, and I love it!

Oh, happy day!

The Gang's All Here! said...

She is gorgeous!

I love the worship music while drinking a bottle with Daddy. My son Shaggy, loaded a bunch of kids' music for Aidan over the summer. She's deaf in one ear but we've been advised to get her used to music and background noise to help her in the skill of sound location. We're bringing the iPod and found some great speakers to have it playing for all of us in the rooms.

Leaving in less than 48 hours. Gotta make some muffins and more notes for the MIL!

Hugs to her cuteness! :)

Bayliss72 said...

so happy you have your baby. she is adorable. can't wait to meet her!


Sherri & Todd said...

I have to agree with what Rachael said, it's hard not to look at her - my eyes are pinned to her beautiful smile and face. She is one of the cutest babies i've seen yet. I love that Daddy has her listening to Worship music, that's a great idea and I will have to keep that in mind.


sonia said...

I had to wipe my eyes as I was reading and looking at the pictures!. I didn't sign up to pray, but w/ Scott in Africa and you guys in China the same time, I've been praying for you guys too. She is so beautiful and the picture of Paul just longingly watching her tells alot about your awe in Gods work!!. Hey go eats some Pigs feet for me!


Chubby Baby Designs said...

I can't get over how much she looks like you!! She SO belongs in your family! It's clear that God's hand is in this, she seems so wonderfully content and happy...amazing the transition has been so smooth!
Wed is Jody's day :)

Anonymous said...

april, she looks so happy. now that you have her, can't you just skip the rest of the stuff and come home?

has anyone talked to you about the change in eating patterns for her, and that adjustment? i remember in my nutrition classes hearing that it could be dangerous to overfeed someone who is starving. i am not 100% sure though, and for babies it may be different anyway.
talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your precious, precious tiny girl! I love those faces she makes. We were in Nanning at the Majestic in 2005. If you like omelettes or other eggs, the chef in the kitchen (could see him from the dining room) made great omelettes. Not sure how my dh ordered them with the language and all, but these were a highlight of that otherwise not-too-appetizing breakfast. Also, at the noodle place (out the front door and to the left) there were some very tame noodle dishes...if you could get use to the smell of the place. Also, down the road past the noodle place was a place called international something. There were some relatively tame dishes there.
We are returning to China to adopt ...leaving this weekend. I am trying to prepare my children for the new smells, but it is hard to really be prepared. What a great, big, cool and different world there is out there!

Kay Bratt said...

She is just downright dainty and beautiful!

You are right to worry about the airconditioning--- keep her well covered! I can tell you from experience the sudden change could be dangerous to her health.

I will be praying for an easy transition for your little angel--


Cindi said...

Bless her sweet little heart..... so glad she's eating for you. And those smiles!! So soon!! Wonderful!

Love the bibs and blankets - so pretty!

She is such a doll....