Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Morning.... or maybe not

I have this group of people who are supposed to be praying for us, hopefully everyone is praying everyday.  However, I specifically have 14 people- one assigned to each day.  And, my question is this, who has Friday?  

Whoever it is.... can you pray harder??  I went to bed with a pounding headache.  I woke up all through the night with a pounding headache.  Paul made me drink a bunch of water this morning- thinking I was dehydrated.  I ate a granola bar that I brought and took a sinus pill and some motrin.  They I threw up.  Yes, me with the cast iron stomach - not Paul, who throws up all the time.  And, now, I can't quit going to the bathroom.  I don't know how in the world I am supposed to eat anything this morning.  So, please pray!  This is not the way I was hoping this would start, but GOd is bigger than all of this!  I know the enemy really wants to get at me!

I will post again later today after we move out and about and actually see some of Beijing- if I can stay out of the bathroom!!:-)


gnangle04 said...

If I have Friday, I'm going to feel really bad... but I am praying for you guys. I hope you can get out of the bathroom and enjoy the sights.
Love You,

Rachael said...

Great... I believe I have Friday... Thanks... No pressure. :) I signed up for day two. Which would be Friday right???

April Isaacs said...

Feeling a bit better... could not even begin to stomach what i saw for breakfast though!!

I really do know people are praying! I just wanted to give someone a hard time, but I certainly didn't want to make anyone really feel bad!

Tony and Rett said...

I don't have Friday, I wasn't assigned a I guess I'll just continue to pray every single day! Tony's on board too...and where two or more are gathered....

There. Done. Prayed for times two!

Keep us posted!

Sharla said...

Hi April,

I'm so glad you're there safe and sound but I'm so sorry that you're not feeling well...

I don't have a day, so I'll just pray!

Hope you're feeling better!!


Chubby Baby Designs said...

It looks like we ALL need to keep praying!!!
April, I'm SO sorry you're sick. I'm praying you're iron stomach and below will kick in! ((HUGS))

Liz said...

Those of us that have been to China before call this Mao's revenge!! It will go away - in the next 3 months!! :-) Just kidding!! It is a Chinese issue though! I hope and pray that you can relax and feel better soon!
Definitely praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
So glad to see that youre finally in China. I´m one of the ppl from RQ fallowing your story. I went to China in Julu to bring my son home, 2 year old the most beautiful litle boy (dont we mom all say that ;)
Your wait has been long and so difficult. You have been so amazing through this all!
Cant wait to finally see your girl in her family arms :)
Good luck!
Birna/Lilla Iceland

Harry and Robin said...

One word -Pepto bismol! See if you can find some at the local stores. I personally found the airplane food gave me "stomach distress" every time I ate it! I took a Pepto every day (sick or not) this time and had no problems. Glad you are feeling some better.