Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Conversation between 5 year old boys

     I think my little Jackson is the coolest boy EVER!:-)  And, he is ALL boy... as you will witness when you read the conversation in this post.  The conversation took place on Tuesday when I was putting Emme to bed.  Darja, the girl who lives with us, witnessed the conversation.  I actually copied the conversation from her blog.

     But first, a few pictures:
     This picture is from his birthday last year.  Only a boy, at least in this house, would purposefully smash a cupcake in his own face before eating it!
     Jackson was in a wedding in May of this year. We knew he felt so cool all dressed up.  But, it became all the more clear when just the other day he said, 
     "Mom, tomorrow when I go to school, I want to wear that wedding outfit."

     "What wedding outfit?"

     "You know, the black one?"

     Me and my high self-monitoring skills..... busted into laughter.  "You mean the tux?"

     He ran to the coach buried his face and cried.

     Chalk another one up for mom of the year!
     What mom makes her son feel like a jerk for wanting to dress up?  Oops!  I gotta learn to control myself....geesh!

The following is from Darja's blog.

Jackson is very excited because he knows his friend Andrew's phone number. And what better way to celebrate learning a new phone number than to call the person! So this is what I listened to while eating breakfast this morning.

J: Can I talk to andrew?

J: Hey Andrew, what are you doing?

J: Cool! What TV show are you watching?

J: oh, i like that show!

J: well I just wanted to call and talk to you

J: was that a real fart?!?!

and then for the next 10 minutes, jackson made fart noises into the phone and laughed hysterically.


Tony and Rett said...

Ohhh, I want a son too! Hehehe

Gina said...

That's awesome! Jackson is so funny. You've got to get a video of him saying "Oh you bad girl" or doing the this little piggy dance and post it on here. You'll have as many people as Pioneer Woman on here to see it!

Rachael said...

Sounds rather familiar. :) Wait until it is a girl on the other end. :) Not as fun! No farting noises at least. My son of 13 still gets a good long laugh from fart noises. Well, my oldest boy of 40 still finds it funny too so I guess it never ends. :)
Jackson is sooo cute, you really are in trouble with the girls.

Darja said...

raise the roof!! you quoted me on your blog!
p.s. today i called the house to see if my package came in the mail, and jackson answered...but I didn't recognize his voice (he sounded like a girl for some reason) so I said "who is this" and he said "Jackson!" and I said "prove it!" I was trying to get him to say "Oh you bad girl!!"

gnangle04 said...

Ohhhh boys. I'll take farting noises anyday over the drama of girls though.... much less stressful. And I have to admit I was cracking up. Before "the farts" the conversation must have been going nowhere because I heard Andrew say " Jackson, why did you call!!?" Andrew thought he'd spice it up, and it was downhill from there.
Enjoy them in the morning, friend!!

Sharla said...

Hi...somehow I missed your post before this one...two great posts! Shelley is too cute, I love the 2+3+5 idea, I'll have to try that sometime, I always forget the candles!

Jackson is just too cute... If it makes you feel any better, I laughed at Nick last night... I ran Zack to soccer practice and when I came back, Nick and Abby were eating tortillas with their icecream... Nick said, "But mom, we did that last year." All of a sudden it dawned on me... We had crepes with our icecream last year, he thought the crepes were tortillas! Of course, I just burst out laughing...

Don't worry, he'll do the same thing to his kids someday...they can be so funny!