Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mom of the Year

     Just in case you were wondering, I won't be getting that award this year. It seems it doesn't matter if you birthed a child or adopted one, brain cells leave the body either way. This time a whole big load of them packed up and headed out.

      I can't remember anything. I can't find things. I have missed appointments. I have not even started my post-placement adoption paperwork. I did print out the guide.... 30 pages!! The list of things to do is a mile long. All that on top of being responsible for the education of small homo sapiens.  Plus, did you know I am a domestic engineer (laundry, laundry and more laundry)???  I am about to snap!!

     Saturday, while I was just sitting back with a cup of coffee (like the world had stopped) talking with my my good friend, Gina, planning a trip to see High School Musical 3, Shelby's choir was practicing away. Missing choir practice may not seem like a big deal, but it is with this choir. It is a city Children's Choir and they are as serious as a heart attack. (And, they sing the most beautiful music, by the way.) Each child is allowed to miss three practices. Shelby missed 2 while we were on vacation, one so her soccer team didn't have to forfeit, and this one. That's four for those who are counting. I want to blame it on the fact that they only scheduled 2 Saturday practices for the whole year.... so that's what I'll do. It's their fault:-)

The worst was yesterday. I usually get up and get dressed pretty quickly. Not yesterday. Yesterday I stayed in my mismatched PJ outfit. At 12:10, I was sitting on the couch, reading (a leisure book and eating bonbons... not!) while the girls ate their lunch. I hadn't brushed my hair or my teeth and I am sure I looked like a raccoon with black eye liner lingering around my eyes  from the previous day, when the phone rang.


"Hi, this is so and so from Dr. Wenzel's office. Did you know that you and Shelby and Gracie had dentist appointments today at noon.

"No. Did you do the reminder call?"


"Did you talk to someone or did you leave a message on our machine?" (I was desperate. I wanted to blame someone.)

"We left a message on your machine."

"Oh. I didn't listen to my messages."

"Well, since there are three of you, we are going to have to charge you for missing the appointment. Unless.... do you live close?"

"Yes, basically across the street."

"Can you come?"

"Yep! We'll be there in a minute."

     We showed up looking like Cousin Eddie's family (Christmas vacation) minus Eddie and that slobbering mangey mutt.  What I am saying is... I think we were a bit hard on the eyes.

    What's worse? I knew the appointment was coming and I kept meaning to cancel it for Gracie.

      Because.... about 6 months ago, at our last cleaning appointment, they told me Gracie had a cavity and they told me to take her to a pediatric dentist. And, I kept meaning to do just that, except... I kept forgetting.

      I have had a lot going on the past 6 months... you're going to have to read the whole blog if you want details.

     Gracie kept trying to remind me while we were on vacation at the beach. She kept telling me her tooth was hurting and that she had something stuck in it. I would use a toothpick and then tell her to rinse with salt water.  Suck it up!  You'll be fine!

     I told her I'd take her to the dentist as soon as we go home.

     Except, she wasn't complaining about it anymore, so I forgot.

     But, yesterday, the dentist reminded me. After her cleaning, the hygienist said, "Did you remember that the last time she was here, we told you she had 4 cavities."

     "Um, I didn't remember hearing the #4."

     "Well, one of the cavities is too far gone, so we'll have to remove the tooth."

     I went home, walked through the door like a dog with it's tail tucked between it's legs, and felt like a loser the rest of the day.  

     I am typing this as I watch Gracie get the first of her fillings this morning. Tomorrow morning, we'll come back at 7 am for 2 more. Saving the best for last, we'll get the rotten tooth the next day... or very soon.

Until then, nominations are being accepted for Mom of the Year.  Goodluck!!

     Numbing Grace's cheek before she got the silver squirt gun.  (AKA the needle).  Of course I didn't tell her to make that face.  She was a little nervous, but got over it really quick.  She's the one who wanted to go back at 7 am for the others.  I am not kidding!  

     Now, if the next pictures don't warm your heart.
     My friend Rachael can not stop buying things for her... more to come in later photos.


     Yes, this too is from Rachael.  I just want to put her on a plate and sop her up with a biscuit!


The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, you have to read my blog post for tomorrow. I was gonna leave it all in a comment, but it got too long. So I'm gonna link to your post here, milk it for all it's worth and make a whole snarky, sarcastic, "I'm not the only one" post out of my trials. In the same vein as your post here. Thanks for the inspiration :) :) And trust me, You ARE NOT the only one!!!!!

Sharla said...

Oh Friend...I am laughing too me, you are not alone...our 2 month post placement report is STILL sitting on my desk..I had it done before it was due, I just haven't mailed it yet! Go figure, I did the hard part!

So, please tell me you're getting my e-mails?! I don't want you to think I'm not responding, but based on your last e-mail, I'm not sure mine are coming to you.

By the way, did you see where I tagged you in the comments of your last blog? You can thank me later since you have nothing better to do! LOL!!

Hope to hear from you soon...just in case my last e-mail didn't come through...the comment that you mentioned in your e-mail, that you posted on my blog, never came disppeared into "cyber neverland!"


Gina said...

HA! I'm not the only one who has trouble with your emails! Sharla does too! =)

Oh poor Gracie. But don't worry, one time my sister went and had 7 cavities. Any my parents only had the 2 of us! You're a great mom and I love you!

Liz said...

I think I'm up for mom of the year too -- last week... I COMPLETELY... I mean completely forgot to pick Aidan up from preschool. I got a call on my cell phone from a number I didn't know and made the comment, "I hate it when someone's calls me and I don't know who it is." (Mind you I'm in a meeting at work) - so I answer the call to hear -- "Hi Liz, this is Ms. Webster, Aidan's t...." and I didn't let her get any farther when I yelled, "OH my gosh- -- I'm so terribly sorry" I looked at the clock - I should have been there 15 mins ago. I had about a 7-9 min drive to get him.
I couldn't believe it --- what MOM completely forgets her child!!!!!!!!
Do I win mom of the year for that?! :-) lol

Judi said...

LOLOL!!! Okay, it's a pretty good bet that Liz wins. Looking forward to TheGang's post. Am still waiting and not yet a mom, yet am quite sure I'll be writing posts like this, too.

Darja said...

it's okay. pioneer woman isn't ironing her cloth napkins this year. so don't feel so bad.

Jodi said...

You are the most funny, realistic mom ever! Love it - and it doesn't hurt that you make me feel like I am not alone in forgetting everything . . . especially where I put my head (it is not attached!). Take care!

TCKK said...

How hysterical! Don't feel bad, we all do it. My kids are 14 and 17 and I still have trouble keeping track of everything. They remind me when it's time to go to the dentist. In fact, they've been reminding me for a couple months that I need to make them an appointment, but I keep forgetting! lol So sorry to tell you, it doesn't get any better when the kids are older. At least not for me. :)

gnangle04 said...

Love ya anyway! Quirkiness, forgetfulness and all!!


Cindi said...

And HOW do you find the time to blog?! This post is too hilarious!

I have alot of catching up to do! Your honesty is refreshing, and BOY, can I relate!

Is Emme sleeping better???

Rachael said...

OMG, I LOVE the pictures. :) She is soooo cute. I also love the Ohio State Photo of you all on Paul's Facebook! Such a good looking family. Do not even get me started on forgetfulness. I told Greg I need to seriously think about getting on some Alzheimer meds, he is in trouble as I get older. The dentist story is hilarious... Poor Gracie... she looked pitiful in the picture. I think you are doing great even with the missed appointments and choir practices. (is Shelby out of the choir by the way since she missed the practice?) I can't keep it all together with a 13 and 16 year old.:) Trust me... you are just fine. :)