Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A day in my life....

     This morning, when Emme woke at 7 am... before you are impressed by her sleeping, please know that from 9pm-12am , she screamed like she was in some sort of pain.  I gave her gas drops, Tylenol and I greased up her gums with some Oragel- I wanted to make sure I covered a lot of bases.   Then she was up to eat at 3:30am. 

      Anyway, I carried Emme, with my eyes barely open, down to the coffee pot.  I didn't need the coffee to jolt me awake because that light in the picture above...
 was hanging by that thread you see coming out of my ceiling.  How does that even happen? 

     I regret not taking a picture of the light while it was hanging.  But, I was too busy protecting the lives of the innocent,  my children, to worry about taking a picture.  Paul is out of town, so I had to wait until a neighbor, that had some electrical sense, could come over to help me.

       Yes, I did say Paul is out of town.  On our way back from the beach, we stopped in Charleston, WV to spend the night with his aunt and uncle.  Then, Paul got up at 5am to catch a plane to CO for a meeting.  So, I have been here by myself.

     I woke up Monday morning with some sort of stomach, intestinal flu issues.  I was sick when we went to the beach with a sore throat and cough.  Now, I am sick again.   I think I am a little run down.  Did you know that in September I went to China and back?  8 days later I drove 12 hours to the beach.  Who does these things??  No wonder I am sick.  Plus, I am home doing everything by myself while Paul is in the busiest season of his ministry.  He'll be gone the next two weekends too.  Yeah (with much sarcasm)!!

     Let's move onto lunch....
     Do you want to know what I ate?  The same thing I ate everyday in China for 12 days- noodles in a cup.  I spent 12 days complaining about the food in China.  I then come home and BUY the noodles in a cup.  With all the choices of lunch items, I CHOSE the noodles in a cup.  And,  IT WAS NOT a good idea.  When I bought them, I decided to go with the Spicy Chicken.
Why would I decide to eat spicy chicken noodles when I haven't ate anything for 2 days that has stayed in me??  And, when they said spicy, they were not kidding!!  I couldn't even eat very much of it.  I had to stop.  Then, for the next 10 minutes, I rubbed my bottom lip with ice.  IT was on FIRE!!   I also forgot that those fire noodles... they have to come out!


There is a picture of the noodles- a bad picture.
Here's picture of Emme.  For some reason, we have always called this thing Houston.  With all three kids...  It think it's because it looks like a spaceship.  "Houston, come in!  Do you read me, Houston?"

    Now, with all the crazy things that happen to me... some of those crazy things are really cool.  I went to Gymboree tonight to get my scrawny daughter some leggings.  I thought that may be one of the only things she could keep up over her nearly non-existent butt and around her teeny waist.   The Gymboree worker greeted me and asked about Emme.  I then proceeded to the clearance section.  After a few minutes of searching, another mom comes up to me and says, "Did you just say that you just adopted her from China?"  I said, "yes."  She then proceeds to tell me that she has a basement full of clothes that she needs to get rid of.  She says, "I am not having anymore children.  I am embarrassed by the amount of clothes I have, many that still the tags on them.  My husband is going to kill me if I don't get rid of them."  I look at her two little girls who are impeccably dressed and they are only 3 and 15 months.  She gives me her name and number (we have the same name) and I left Gymboree without buying a thing.  Guess where I am going tomorrow??  Yea God!


Gina said...

Stalker Alert!!

That is SO COOL about the friend you met at Gymboree! How exciting...I love that! =)

Praying for you while Paul is gone. Love ya!

Amy said...

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Amy . . .Back in March we were looking at Mylei's file, probably doing all the same research you were doing just a couple seconds behind you. by the time we called our agency to have them lock the file for us it was gone. Later I stumbled upon your blog seeing the same pictures we had seen of her. I couldn't wait to follow your journey to Mylei. Little did anyone know the turns your journey would take. I pray that little Mylei got to stay with her foster family and that your hearts would heal.

It has been so great to watch Emme become part of your family and I appreciate how candid and honest you have been about your experience so far. We have had our share of turns in our journey but are hopefully full speed ahead to our daughter. Just waiting for TA and CA.

Oh!!! Cool about the clothes. I have 2 boys and I love the girly stuff.


Sharla said...

Hi Friend,

Sorry you're having such a rough time...it's always so much harder when our DH's are out of town, I can totally emphathize!

What a great story about the lady in Gymboree! Such a blessing!

By the way, I just read Amy's comment...how wonderful that she found you...it never ceases to amaze me how God weaves together so many lives all over the US!


gnangle04 said...

Yippee for you on the clothes!Probably awesome ones too.

See.... God allows really wierd stuff to happen to you, but also great little things. And her name is April.... God's sense of humor.


Jodi said...

Lucky (blessed) lady! Good for you! Thank goodness for the smart neighbor! I don't know what I would do! Enjoyed reading your funny stories!