Sunday, July 6, 2008

Praying for news

     You probably didn't need me to tell you this, but we have no news as to when we will travel! FTIA received 3 LOA's on Wednesday, but we did not have one in that batch.  They said they weren't surprised by this.  They think our LOA and our TA will come together and it will not be with  any others.  Thursday they were asking (China) for the status of our paperwork.  That has made for another long weekend.  The weekends are actually getting longer.  Why??  Because the longer we go without LOA/TA, the closer we get to the Olympics.  The closer we get to the Olympics the more expensive airfare and hotels.  Also, it probably means we won't either A).  make it to Beijing (how disappointing to go all the way to China and not get to see the Great Wall!)  OR   B.) travel at all.  No one knows what is going to happen to adoptions during the Olympics because nothing is scheduled that far out.
     And, even if we can go later in August, it still isn't the best timing for us.  I wonder if God knows this?  Paul's needs to be on campus when school starts.  (For those of you who don't know, we do college campus ministry.)  Also, Paul's parents have paid for us to go with them to the beach the very beginning of September.  Plus, Emme's birthday is August 30.  I can't miss her first birthday.
     So, will you pray with us?  Will you pray our papers come this week?  Will you pray we can get in with the next travel group and get a consulate appointment for Aug 5.?  The group from FTIA is scheduled to leave July 24 and return August 6.  We would love to travel with this group.
     We look forward to having great news to share with you this week!!


Chubby Baby Designs said...

I AM PRAYING!! How cool would that be that we would be traveling out of the country on the same day! God will have you traveling EXACTLY at the perfect time! Can't wait to see when that time is, HE already knows, and is a million times more excited about His plans for you than we cool!

MississippiZen said...

Praying with you! I hope we see LOTS of good news tomorrow!

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Praying that God will bring news TODAY!

Pam said...

I hear you girl! We'll keep praying.

Love, Pam