Saturday, July 26, 2008

The agony of waiting... a laugh in the midst

     Have you seen the SafeAuto Insurance commercial?  The guy, Bob, doesn't believe they are really available 24 hours a day.  So, he stays awake all night calling them to see if they are really there.
     At the end of the commercial, they show the office with all the cubicles of people who answer the phone, and someone yells out, "Who's turn is to talk to Bob?"

     Well, that's what they do at FTIA when Paul calls.  Why?  Because he calls EVERYDAY!!!  Everyday I tell him, if they have something for us, they will call us.  Seriously, as if they are going to harbor information.  So, when he calls, he alternates between two different women who work there, Maury and Salome.  Maury is the SN Senior Coordinator and Salome is the Director of Programs.  I am not even sure how or why we began talking to Salome.  She doesn't really even have anything to do with the SN program.  I think it was to help Maury take some of the heat from our crazy case.  Anyway, as if they don't know he switches back and forth between the two of them.  
     So, of course, yesterday he calls and talks to Salome.  He says, "Salome, I know you've heard something, but you just haven't had a chance to call me, right?"  She said, "Paul, when your TA comes,  Maury and I are going to knock each other out to be the first to call you!!"
     I have laughed about that since yesterday!  I just had to share!


The Gang's All Here! said...

That is funny! When our gal called this week to tell me of the PA ("that's not really called PA anymore, but that's what it is in essence!"), I laughed and told her that I promise I won't cry every single time they call. Since these last couple calls were happy tears, she was cool with it, but man, they must think I'm like an emotional basket case some days. Who says there are no hormones with a paper pregnancy :) :) :)

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

That is too funny! It's great that there can still be some humor in the midst of all this waiting and frustration.

Allen and Dawn said...

You don't know me, but I found your link on RQ. We are also a FTIA family. We traveled in May to get our daughter. Congratulations on your referral. God is indeed good. He taught us that his timing is not ours, but his is perfect. I'm looking forward to following your journey.