Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WE'RE GOING TO CHINA!!!!!!!!  Someday soon!:-)  I just wanted to see how it felt to write that.  I'm practicing.  It felt really good by the way (or BTW as my girls say).

No new news.  But, I was rereading my own blog and read that I was going to talk "tomorrow" about God's timing.  I was just letting you all know how I feel about communicating about Chinese tomorrow's.  What tomorrow really means is "whenever I get around to it.'

So, I am around to it now.

I was contacted by some people telling me about a ministry called Grace & Hope.  They are an amazing ministry that gets sponsors to pay for children to get out of orphanages and get them into foster care.  It works a little bit like Compassion International or World Vision.  It takes about $40/month to get a child out of an institution and into a home.  Our Emme happens to be one of their babies.

What that means for us is several things.  First of all, a home is almost always better than institutional living.  A child living  in foster care often has less problems with attachment.  Furthermore, they have been held and spoken to and played with.  As good as the orphanages are, there is not enough staff to go around.  In this case, it also means that Grace & Hope will provide us with reports about progress and milestones as well as pictures of Emme throughout her first year.  G&H have social workers (for lack of another term) visit the foster families to get the reports and the pictures.  It is then their goal to get it into the hands of the parents adopting the child.  What a blessing and a gift!!!  How great is it that we will have pictures we would have had no other way of having without this organization?  Plus, our daughter has received quality childcare.

This brings me to God's timing.  I am sure I will never understand all the reasons things didn't work out with Mylei.  As time goes on and as I am still part of a yahoo group for Chinese children with spina bifida, I can only think that maybe part of God's plan was protecting me from some of the things that will be lifelong issues with these children.  Sometimes it overwhelms me just to read the conversations going back and forth.  I still believe God would have given us the grace and the resources to handle whatever was thrown our way with her.  And, we would have loved her and given her a great home and made sure she got great care.  But, I would lie if I said that sometimes I also feel a great sense of relief.  Emme will have issues I am sure.  But, she is the child God chose to give us and at least at this point, her needs seem much less severe.  And, then the icing on the cake, is that God sent angels, Grace & Hope, to provide care for her and pictures of the time we missed with her.  Why do I ever doubt his timing and goodness??

I wonder if he knows I can be ready to leave in a week??:-)


Liz said...

I was actually beginning to wonder if the Chinese had rubbed off on you - I've been watching your site every day to hear about this story! I do have to say that I "gasped" when I got on this morning and read your first line! Thanks for the false hope and excitement for you.... again Chinese influence! :-)
I'm so excited for you and your soon meeting with Emme!

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Augh! My heart skipped a beat when I read the title! Then I was bummed to see that you were only tricking us! Happy to see that your spirits seem to be lifted! Still praying :)

Pam said...

There's a yahoo group for Chinese children with spina bifida? Can you tell me what it's called?

Thanks, Pam

The Straight's said...

Grace and Hope sponsored my little girl, Shelby, in a foster home too. I received over 100 photos of her first 2 years without us. Good luck on your journey. I too have recently experienced a loss similar to your Mylie :(

Chubby Baby Designs said...

Why do I cry so much w/this??!! Here I am reading this (especially the end part) and I'm crying again! He is SOOOO good! He didn't *have* to provide Grace & Hope, but He wanted to! He wanted to overwhelm you with His goodness!I LOVE seeing how much He loves your family...His children. I'm so blessed to be able to see your journey, thank you for sharing it all with us
~ ((hugs)) and tears...like Paul said not too long ago * the good crying* :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Good stuff! Good stuff here. And when you remind God you can be ready next week, ask if I can go along and hide in your suitcase. :)