Monday, April 14, 2008


Since I still can't show you Mylei....

Here's a picture of another new member of our family!  Before you say, aaahhhhhhh.  You should know, she's satan.  Can't you tell by the her eyes??  Seriously, isn't one of his (satan's) names 'the destroyer'???  Well, that's her.  Don't let her cuteness fool you.  We got her at a shelter.  They named her LuLu so we kept it because we thought it was cute.  BUT, no one told us it was short for LUCIFER!!   Also, she's so little in the picture.  She's a horse now!!  They told us she would weigh between 35-40 lbs.  She's 7 months old and weighs AT LEAST 50 lbs.  Don't they grow for a full year??  Oh, good heavens!!  How do I get myself into these things.  One final factoid about LuLu.  She's as strong as an ox!  I am not kidding!  I thought it would be funny to have my friend hold her leash when I saw someone coming up to the house (she loves people so I knew she'd go crazy).  Well, she literally pulled my friend across the entire yard.  I laughed the rest of the day and went to bed laughing about it.  Paul told me it wasn't funny.  He said my friend about went head over heels.  Paul needs to get a sense of humor!!  So much for getting a dog the kids could walk.  All they get to do it walk to pick up her poop!

*************NEW INFORMATION ABOUT MYLEI************

Our agency called yesterday to tell us why we have not been given updated photos.  We have asked for them twice and been told they would come soon.  Still waiting.... at this point, why am I surprised about waiting???  We were told that her foster parents were grieving heavily.  That's really sad.  I am so glad they love her.  She must be a real joy and pleasure to be around. (yeah for us!!)  But, what does that have to do with taking a picture???  Our agency said the CCAA was having to intervene.  I have an idea... how about we just wait patiently?????

We did receive something from the National Visa Center yesterday.  That was a nice reminder that we really are still adopting.  It means we were given a case number and that our stuff has been sent to the US Consulate in China!!  Yippee!!!  We have a case number!!!

By the way, I calculated wrong, this is Day 29!

Also, leave me a comment if you are reading!  That makes this much more fun!  (at least fun for me!:-)


Chubby Baby Designs said...

I will be praying for the salvation of your furry demon.I don't think pets can come to know Christ, but prayer is a pretty powerful thing at the least it can do is soften her heart??? Won't hurt.
oh yeah...btw, you are right, she's not done growing yet, hate to brake it to ya! I'm sure in some way God has her there to build character or something like that.
Prayin' for Mylei!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm reading I'm reading!! I love you friend! it's gina by the way

Carabella's said...

Hi April,

I'm reading and can't wait to see a new picture!
Will you be at the Cubbie Bear Fair tomorrow?
Jake has been talking about it for 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Hi April. This is Diane from the June FTIA group - we met at Jennifer and Jerry's cookout last summer. Tom and I are no longer adopting from China - we are going to foster to adopt. But I have been following this blog and I can't wait to see your Mylei!! I'm so happy for you and am praying your journey will be safe and SOON!! ( i've also been checking Robin and Harry's blog....Lyra is a cutie )

Gob Bless,

Tony and Rett said...

Still reading.....

Your furry Satan IS cute, I must say...but I'm ready for pics of MYLEI!!!!

Praying for you and your little one waiting in China!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on both LuLu and your great patience as you wait for updates on Mylei! I hope I can be as patient as you when my time comes around!

darja said...

april..this is your friend Darja from UD. i just wanted to say that your latest blog made me laugh out loud. paul is such a square sometimes.
and i always check your blog. it's in my favorites.
<3 darja