Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celine Dion

We just returned from the viewing and funeral of our friend.  Thank you so much for all who prayed; I think that is the reason the family was holding up so well.  It was very sad, but went very well.  If you think about them more, please pray that my friend, Sue, would allow herself to grieve.  I think she is but she's also trying to be strong for her children and the rest of her family.  I think she's trying to be too strong. 

On the adoption front, we overnighted some money.  They will wire it to China tomorrow.  From there, things should be set to roll.  I believe we will skip PA.  Our LOA and TA will be expedited.  They could come together or come very close together.  My apologies for thinking they (China) were buying time on Friday.  I believe the person working on our case really was out of town because they have been ON TOP OF IT!!  Everyday we have received information.  I really do believe things will move quickly!

Now, we are having debates about names.  We decided we can no longer use the name Mylei.  Man, that messes up my whole title of my blog!  That was the other little girl to us.  We need a new name. The first name we decided on, 2 years ago, was Emme. Then we switched to Mylei.  I think we should go straight back to Emme.  Paul wants to be difficult.  He think several things.  1) We don't need to jump into a name.  Well, I can't stand not calling her a name and we don't even know how to pronounce her Chinese name.  He keeps calling her Celine Dion (Her name is sorta like Celine but vastly different!).  It's driving me crazy.  2)  Instead of officially naming her Emme, he wants to name her Emma or Emily and call her Emme.  3)  He wants to find some name with lots of meaning. Well, that's all good and fine, but continue reading.  He tried to find a name that meant promise and guess what came up- Promise.  I AM NOT NAMING HER THAT.  Besides, she looks just like an Emme.   I wish I could post her.   I want so badly to show her off, but I asked and I am not allowed- yet!  I think all the girls would agree that she is an Emme!

Anyway, names are difficult for me.  I don't like a lot of names, at least names I want to name my children.  For you teachers out there, teaching school ruins lots of names.  For all you dog lovers, I think you should be fined (or shot) for naming your dogs with people names.

Any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

A great site to find out how to pronounce your child's name can be found at this thread on RQ:

I know it helped me a lot! Congrats on your new referral. (BTW - I love the name Emme!)


Norah said...

If it makes ya feel any better my blog address is "chole in china" and Chloe turned out to be an almost 8 yr old girl named Mei Feng! LOL ... Congrats again and I can't wait to see her pic and know her name!

kristen kocher said...

uh.... she's SOOOO an Emme! Sorry Paul!

Gina said...

Since when does Paul get a vote!?!?


Harry and Robin said...

We are so incredibly happy for you guys! Hope you can decide on a name soon - although Emme is beautiful. Check out this for a cool baby name site:

Shawnstribe said...

we didnt name our lil one till we saw fact i did the same with our bio children.
We had a few names, but when we met her the right onebecame obvious : )
hope all goes speedly

Tony and Rett said...

Emme is adorable! To appease Paul, you could call her (for now) Emme's that sound?

Can't wait to see her!