Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm it!!!

          I guess I have been tagged.  And, while I normally do not participate in these type of things (sometimes, I just want to rebel)  But, this one sounded fun, plus Sharla tagged me and I wouldn't say no to her.

Seven interesting or weird facts about me.... should be VERY easy.

1.  I don't have an official diagnosis but Paul and most certainly a few other friends have labeled me obsessive.  
     I am not exactly sure why.  Maybe it's because sometimes I start doing something, and I can't stop.  

     For example, when I was teaching, I started taking Raisins & Spice oatmeal for lunch, EVERYDAY.  I was newly married and one day I said to Paul, "I am really tired of oatmeal for lunch."  He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You're the one who packs your lunch everyday."  
     That's when it dawned on me.  I guess I could take something else.  Duh!

     My obsessions usually have to do with food.  For those of you who followed me to China, I know this comes as a big surprise to you.  

      About a year ago, when Gina visited the last time, we started making this green stuff:  cottage cheese, pineapple and pistachio pudding.  I ate so much of it for a month that I can hardly stand to look at it now.

     Lately, it is smoothies.  Paul swears I puree all my food these days.  

     I have or am also obsessed with blogs,  the internet in general, Chinese adoptions, an internet game called Poppit....   

     See, the list is long and that was just off the top of my head.

2.      I was engaged before I married Paul and called it off 3 weeks before the  wedding date.

      Long story... maybe I'll share it sometime. It was either call it off or end up in jail or the looney bin.   Hard, but one of the best decisions I have ever made.

     As our (mine and Paul's) wedding date got closer and closer, I think Paul was a little nervous.  Two weeks before the wedding, he let out a cheer, "Yes!!  I made it farther than the other guy!"  


3.  I love rainy days and snow days.  Another thing I am or have been obsessed with... school closings.  It made sense when I was teaching, but the desire to get up and look at the closings when I had nary a child in school??  I think I just like an excuse to slow down.

4.   I am still upset that I don't have a sister.  I desperately wanted girls when I began thinking about having children.  I wanted 2 of them.  (I remind myself of those prayers when I want to hurt them... bad.)  Now, I have 3.  

     Somehow this is supposed to make up for the lack of a sister.  We'll see how it plays out!

5.    Food again.  I bet you don't eat cheeseburgers the way I do.  I  eat  my cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup and APPLESAUCE.  Yes, applesauce.  I love it on my cheeseburger.  Actually, I just put a spoonful on the bite I am about to take.  

     I think it is because, when I was little, my family used to eat at a restaurant called Jeds on Tuesday nights- Kids eat free night.  I think my applesauce used to run into my hamburger and I guess I liked it. 

      A lot! 

      Because, I am 37 years old and I still do it!!  

     Now, if that's not random!

6.       I love to watch fishing shows.  I don't know why.  But, if I am channel surfing and I run across a show where someone is casting that pole... I will stop every time... and twice on Sunday.

7.       I hate dogs.  Really, I don't care for any animal.  They all smell.  They make messes and destroy things.  They cost a lot of money.  They have hair that ends up all over the place.  They have things on their bodies that need squeezed.... like anal glands.  I can't believe I even just wrote that!!  Parts of their bodies show that I shouldn't have to see i.e.  cats b---holes, monkeys' butts, the male parts of circus bears,etc...

     I had a dog this past year.......... for about 4 months.  

     Her name was Lulu.  

     They named her at the pound.  We thought it was cute so we kept it. 

     But, no one at the pound told me Lulu was short for LUCIFER!! 

      That dog was the biggest pain.  She barked incessantly.  She chewed everything in sight.  If she wasn't chewing, she was digging.  Sometimes, I would stay in bed a really long time so I didn't have to get up to deal with her.  I NEVER got up before Paul.

     Yep, we got rid of her.

      Some other idiot... I mean person, agreed to take her.  Never mind that Lulu was a Christmas present to the kids.  I told them that it was ok to be mad at me, to be sad, or cry.  I explained to them that I could not live the next 10 years or more, miserable.  Shelby hated Lulu too.  But, for Gracie and Jackson, who cried, I told them it was like making Gracie play ice hockey and Jackson take ballet... for as long as that forsaken mutt was alive.  They'd be miserable doing either of those things.

     So, go ahead, tell me I am worse than the Wicked Witch of the West.  Leave nasty comments, throw eggs at my house... you can't make me bring another dog into this house or make me like animals.

      8.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it said 7 things.  I told you I like to rebel.

           I adhere to Old Testament food laws.  If it says not to eat it in the OT, I don't.  On a rare, rare occasion, I will eat bacon... in a salad or something like that.

       I know that in the NT all food was declared clean but I am sure we are misinterpreting that.
     Because, let me ask you this, what has changed about the anatomy of the pig? 

     NOTHING!  It has ONE stomach and it eats garbage or anything else you put in front of it.

       Why do you think Jesus drove those demons into the pigs and sent those pigs flying over a cliff to their death??   Because they are nasty little creatures that should not be used for human consumption and that's how highly he thinks of pigs.

      And, do you know that God calls anything from the sea w/o gills an abomination.  That's a pretty harsh word.  Why an abomination (now I feel like Grace, my guide from China)?  Because they eat the poop that is on the bottom of the ocean.  Did you know if you put shrimp in a filthy pond it would be cleaned up in no time?  

     Now, before you start cursing the day of my birth, I have some planks to get out of my own eye.  I need a verse about eating sugar.  Then maybe I could stop.  I also eat too much.  So there!

     I was tagged and I was supposed to tell interesting or weird facts about myself.

     Now, I am supposed to tag seven people, but I am not sure if I know 7 bloggers.  

     Oh, I read more than seven blogs, but most of those people don't know it.  

     I am a lurker.  I hate lurkers on my blog but.... legalist never live by their own rules, ya know.  I want comments ... lots of them! 

      And, there are a few people who leave me comments on my blog and then I go to look at their blogs, and they tell me I am not invited.  

     That hurts!  
     It takes me back to junior high when I didn't get invited to a party.

Anyway, I am tagging these people:
                Darja-Morning by morning new mercies I see
                Pam- Our Family News
                              see comment for Pioneer Woman
                Sharon-Chloe in China
                Ree-Pioneer Woman
                        Because out of the 50,000 hits she gets on her blog everyday, she'll read my        
                        comment and respond....LOL!
                Cindi- Of Paths and Errands

     Lots of Love to all my animal loving friends!:-)


Darja said...

yes! i'm gonna be sooooo popular now that you tagged me!

Pam said...

I'm a lurker coming out to comment! You crack me up! I loved when you did the "volumes" about all the problem just before travel, espcially leaving your passport in the copy machine!

Norah said...

Okay, that could have been the most amusing post I have ever read! I am SO NOT cool, and I can NOT compete with post like that! That rocked!

Tony and Rett said...

heh, I tagged you too. I see where I rank!

Tony and Rett said...

And NO dogs, and NO pork...I thought we were friends....friendship/shmendship

No way, no how, under any circumstance can I be friends with a person who dislikes dogs. That's just, well, wrong!

Ok, gotta go pray about our friendship. HA!

Gina said...

I love shrimp wrapped in bacon. =)


You crack me up.

catbertie said...

LOL!! I don't always leave a comment, but don't consider myself a lurker either. If you keep up with posts like this one, you've bound to become a very popular blogger!! (not that you aren't aready!!)

Darja said...

oh you bad girlllll!!!

gnangle04 said...

You are too funny!
I think you could have made a list of 77 interesting or wierd things about you, Miss Rebel.

Applesauce on a burger I'll never understand. And why did you get a dog in the first place?! :)


Gina said...

Darja. Stop being so funny on April's blog.

Jenney said...

I lurk your blog daily. I also occasionally leave comments. You can look at my blog but you'll find is super boring I'm afraid.

Gina G. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gina G. said...

Okay, let me try this again, I think my first comment got removed possibly because I used someone's first and last name. Apparently, that is a blogging no-no, I don't know, I just read blogs, not write them. So I was coming out of lurkdom, but the removal of my first comment will probably drive me in, it makes it seem like I wrote something really offensive, but I didn't. In any case, I was saying that I am an old YL kid of a friend of yours, who is now a camp manager in CA with 4 kids and went to UD with you. She used to tell me about you. She lent me a book of yours one time about finding a mate or dating, something along those lines. You had written how you wanted to move to Nashville so you could find a musician type. My mom saw it in my room and started reading, thought I had written in it, and wanted to know when I was planning on running away to Nashville. Anyhoo, I saw the address to your blog from your facebook page, which happens to be open to the public (if you didn't know that), after you had made a comment on a certain mutual friend's facebook page, and I started reading. I've really enjoyed it, so I keep coming back. Hope this works this time.

Pam said...

Wow! I quickly checked out Pioneer Woman. Why is she so wildly popular? There is no way she has time to read all those comments. Just curious.

Sharla said...

How did I miss this post? I am cracking up over eating bacon and the whole thing about the pigs...hmmm...on my way to dinner with my hubby and some friends for my good friend's 40th birthday...I bet it affects what I eat for dinner tonight!

I'm glad you did this...I knew you'd keep it interesting! Fishing shows huh? Even more unlikely than a girl who watches golf on Sundays?

Rachael said...

Ok, I wasn't even going to comment on this blog due to all the ill comments about animals. :) BUT, since it has been a whole WEEK since you blogged last I guess I have no choice but to comment.:) So, how are we friends????? Animal hater versus Animal lover???? :)

Well, I AM rather weird about school closings... I will sit up all dang night until I see Centerville closed. I guess I am gonna have to try the applesauce on a burger so I can justify our friendship. :)

I know you are busy and all with home schooling, new baby, missing dentist appointments and choir practices but seriously???? A WHOLE week?????? have you forgot all us dedicated April blog readers??? Maybe I need to turn my journal into a blog??? I don't have anything cool like a super cute baby in pea pods to put on my blog tho. How about I dress up Murphy??? I could do a animal blog. :) Ok, done razzing you. :)