Thursday, May 1, 2008

Doing the Snoopy Dance

We're dancing like the Peanut's gang around here today!! We got an LOA today!!  WhooHoo!  6 days after finally getting a PA!

We got the call a little after 12:30 today.  I was so surprised!  I was just telling Paul last night that it could happen.   He told me I was setting myself up for a heartache.  But, I knew LOA's were on their way.  They said it would take 2-4 months, but we have already been through review, so I was hoping (just like with the PA) that it would be quick .  But, I was still so surprised.

Now, we wait for TA.  The average wait is 29 days.  We can travel 2-4 weeks after that!  Our agency said probably July, but it could still be June,

Here we come Mylei!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! So happy for you! =)

Love Gina

Tony and Rett said...


Doing the snoopy dance for you here too!!!

gnangle04 said...

Your blog is funny!! I especially like the story about Lucifer pulling your friend across the front yard. Your friend sounds like a good sport!
Good writing...keep it up.