Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why China?? (part 2)

Why China? (part 1 is my 2nd blog entry from March)

"Why are you adopting a child from China when there are so many kids right here in the US?"

That is the question we have frequently been asked since we began this journey. The best answer we can give you is that China is where the Lord is pulling us. Who are we to argue with Him?

There are several reasons we have chosen to adopt from China. Here are just a few reasons:

1. Domestic adoptions can take a very long time. If we were to request an infant, we would have to wait for mother to chose us. This can be a very lengthy process as well as a very emotional process. At any given moment, the birthmother could change her mind. I truly do not think I or our kids could handle that.  The same thing applies with fostering to adopt.  If you give me a child that has been taken away because of abuse or neglect, and then give it back to the same situation, you might as well dig a hole in the backyard and put me in it!!  I couldn't handle that.

2. China has one child policy. Quite simply this means that the Chinese are allowed to have only one child. Boys take care of the parents in China, a culture tradition, so the girls are discarded.  Because healthy boys are preferred, girls and boys with special needs are often abandoned.

3. Adopting  is something I (April) have always wanted to do. I always wanted biological  children, but I also always knew that I wanted to adopt.  God placed a love for Chinese little girls on my heart.  (It's sorta the same as being attracted to blonds or blue eyes, or whatever.  You probably can't explain why, but it's what you are drawn to.)  Adopting from China has been a part of me for years.  I spent many years not believing or trusting God to provide for the process. But, when I started, the money was always there or given to us.  I shared this dream of mine with Paul long before we were married. He also had the same desire. Kinda weird when you have the same desire for something so specific.  Weird or God-ordained???

4. They are just so darn cute!!!

Here is a link to a very powerful website that pretty much sums up WHY. (You'll have to copy and past it into your browser.)


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Chubby Baby Designs said...

Oh my that video gets ya right at the end...to see a daddy so tender about his child, love that! Now you've got me watching more youtube vidoes on adoptions...my girls are wondering why I'm crying about it!