Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Wedding

We are back from the wedding!!  It was really fun.  I'd rank the reception right up in the top- the 20 piece big band was amazing!  Jackson had a great time despite being trapped at the church for 6 hours before the wedding!  He was given Heely's (tennis shoes with wheels) for his birthday.  If it weren't for those life saving shoes, Paul may never have made it through the day!  (I had to put that picture in because Gracie took it and it cracks me up when people take pictures and cut off

The girls and I did not meet Miley Cyrus!  Bummer!  But, we did see the old Ryman Auditorium, the Parthenon, the Belmont Mansion and Belmont college, music row, downtown, etc...  We also saw pictures of our friend Hillary plastered all over Nashville.
The ironic part about seeing her all over Nashville- Ryan (the guy who's wedding we were there attending) dated Hillary before he dated and married the girl he's with now, Chelsea.  We loved/love Hillary.  She came to visit several times.  She's very down to earth!!
She love the kids.  Brought gifts for them.  Sat in Shelby's room for a long time writing a song with her in the notebook she bought her to write music.  So sweet!!   Hillary sings with a group called Lady Antebellum.  They just won a CMA (country music award) for new group this past Sunday.  So, because they are such an up and coming new group, we saw their pictures all over the city.  Shelby's still mad at Ryan for breaking up with her.  Don't get
 me wrong.  We like Chelsea.  We just
 spent more time with Hillary and Hillary was really into the kids.

Nothing new on the adoption front.
I think TA's should arrive this week,
at least I hope!!

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