Friday, May 16, 2008

Nashville, Tennessee

     We are in Nashville this weekend.  Paul and Jackson are in a wedding!  Last night was the rehearsal.  It was so fun.  Macaroni Grill catered the food.  After eating, a dance instructor came and taught us some swing dancing and the fox trot.  At the wedding tonight, there will be a 20 piece big band playing.  So, they wanted all of us to be able to lead the dancing.  How creative and fun is that???
     The wedding it not until 7 pm this evening, 8 pm according to our body's time:-)  Poor Paul and Jackson have to be there at 1:30.  Pictures do not even start until 3:30.  We can not figure out why in the world they have to be there that early.  Me and the girls are hitting downtown.  I think we are going to go meet Miley Cyrus since she is filming a movie 
downtown:-)  Don't they wish!!

On a different note...
     Paul and I are really into this show on the Food Network called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  We both love visiting those type places when we travel.   So, this morning we got the low-down on this place by Vanderbilt University call the Pancake Pantry.  You know a place is going to be good when 1) The lines goes out the door.  2) They have coffee and water for those waiting outside.  3)  The bathroom smells really bad.

      Ok, #3 is Paul's- not mine.  Paul said that when we were dating.  We met at (the old) Milano's at UD.  He had never eaten there before.  He went to the restroom before our food was ready.  He came back to the table and said, "This place is going to be really good!"  I said,  "How do you know?"  "Because the bathroom smells really bad" was his reply.  Who would ever say that???  He was concerned about the food at the Pancake Pantry when he went to the restroom this morning.  He came back and said it was too clean!  If I go into a gross restroom before I eat, I lose my appetite.  Hey, maybe I'm onto something!!!

     The one hour (maybe more) wait was worth it.  Paul thought the hashbrowns were the best he had ever had.  Shelby and I shared the french toast and it was amazing.  It was grilled french bread with cinnamon cream syrup.  Yummy!!

On the adoption front....
     There was a rumor floating around that TA's might arrive today.  I think it was a nasty rumor because I haven't gotten a phone call yet!  I did hear from someone else who has the same dates as mine, that her agency told her tentative travel dates around June 19.  My agency, bless their hearts, would never predict such things.  They are like nervous little hens.  Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with them.  They just don't speak until something has been written in concrete and the concrete is dry!


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